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Current Page: Hpmbcalc

Hex Calculator for Programmers and Cryptanalysts

Hpmbcalc is a programmable multiple-precision hex calculator with many utilities. You can use Hpmbcalc to perform a lot of big number math and encryption operations, such as: square root, modular inverse; hash, CRC, and check sum calculations; pseudo-random number generation; primality test; hex, dec, oct, bin conversions; etc.

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key features

  • standard hex calculator panel
    basic big number math operations; Hex/Dec/Oct/Bin conversions; byte/operand swaps; square root, Jacobi symbol, modular inverse calculations; next/previous prime search; and more...
  • scripting host and automation support
    built-in scripting host; support VBScript and JScript; multiple-precision operation methods; and more...
  • built-in hash/checksum/CRC calculator
    hash, checksum, CRC calculations; MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA, RIPEMD hash algorithms; 16 and 32-bit CRC values; message and file support; and more...
  • built-in number formatter
    format ASCII text, c-source code, memory dump, big number to hex number; decode base64-encoded text/hex-bytes; file and clipboard support.
  • built-in pseudo-random data/prime generator
    generate a pseudo-random sequence of bits; search for random probabilistic primes.
  • built-in randomicity/primality test tool
    perform primality test and some statistical tests on a data.
  • built-in bit shifter
    evaluate and simulate shift register configurations; Rotate/ Arithmetic/ Logical/ Feedback shift; history log.
  • more features
    Windows 8/7/Vista Support; fast multiple-precision operations; unlimited length of operands; XP visual styles support; full on-line help; and more...

what's new?

  • Added: The ability to work with Windows 8/7.


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work with Windows 8/7/Vista

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